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Thursday, February 17

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Do you find term ‘partner’ for a same-sex significant other special or demeaning for LGBT?

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Monday, February 14

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Anonymous said: I ask this anonymously because I'm a bit ashamed of it.

I found out I'm Bi when I was twelve, and never really had a problem with it. But a girl who I saw as my best friend kept saying ´There's something wrong in your head´ and ´I don't care that you're Bi, but I could never be with a girl´. I tried to never let it get to me.
Last year I had people in my class who said ´Being Gay isn't wrong, but being Bi is just wrong, they should just pick one.´ I still tried to not let it get to me.
But lately I've been having more trouble with me being Bi, I find myself weird and I tell myself that I should just pick one. I desperately want to be straight, just because it's so much easier.
I always tell people who come to me, doubting about their sexuality, that it's not about gender, it's about the heart, but I just can't follow my own advice.

I just needed to tell this to someone.

I am offering it up to the community to offer their advice, personal experiences, and resources, as I believe it will be a better benefit in terms of answers.

Sunday, February 13

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Friday, February 11

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I am very insecure with being bisexual.


I feel if I tell people, people I have a crush on won’t think twice about a relationship with me, whether they are gay or straight. I feel like they’ll think I cheat and slut around. It hurts knowing that people may love me, but are too afraid of a stereotype that they’ll never go out with me. It hurts so much, some of you don’t know the feeling. Knowing there’s so many Biphobics out there ready to turn me down is the worst… 

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Sunday, December 12

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Topic of the Week: Dealing with Family

This week’s Topic of the Week is how you deal with your family in regards to all aspects of your life, particularly in regards to your sexual orientation and gender identity. 

If and when you told your family of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, how did they react? Do you think it is important for parents to be an active portion of an individuals life, or do you personally find it easier to not have your parents know every detail of your life? Do your parents share the same views as you? How did the rest of your family react?

Please take a few minutes to consider your response, then submit it through the link at the top of the page. We would love to hear about your experiences.

Friday, December 10

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Wednesday, December 8

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anchorsaweighed said: This isn't really a question, but I'd like to offer my hand to anyone who needs it. I've had my fair share of battles with the homophobic cluster of close minded individuals, and I know it's not always easy to stay strong through encounters with them.
If anyone needs anyone to talk to, or just a friendly person to lend their ear, I'm here.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. :)

Tuesday, December 7

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Anonymous Asks (Update)…

hey its me again
do u think i should write a letter to her or just tell her straight up?